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Relief Knot - Raw Malachite

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Joint problems? This is already ancient history!


Aarthritis, osteoarthritis, back pain... have you tried everything and nothing has worked on your joint pain?

 What if it was your hormones?

Indeed from the menopause estrogen levels decrease. These levels have anti-inflammatory actions that protect the joints against their natural wear. 

This is why, as a result of numerous studies, the bracelet in malachite holds acting properties as anti-inflammatory natural playing little by little on your pains.

In 1 week, find an inner balance that will gradually change your daily life in a spectacular way. !

But that's not all !

Beyond relieving your joint and inflammatory pain, malachite acts as a antidepressant natural favoring the muscle relaxation and the quality sleep.

Like Arielle, finally find a state of optimal shape thanks to the incredible virtues of malachite and moonstone!


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