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Amethyst and Moon Stone Bracelet | Or fin

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Your stubborn fat? it's already ancient history!


Do you keep yo-yoing and can't lose weight effectively? 

What if the problem was your hormones?

 Indeed a hormonal system imbalance  will promote sugar cravings and the fat storage


This is why, as a result of numerous studies, the bracelet in amethyst And moon stone combines the effect of 2 stones with complementary properties.

One acting on regulation of the endocrine system, the other on your sugar addiction.

 In 1 week, find an inner balance that will gradually change your life in a way spectacular. 

Become a better version of yourself today 


Beyond of lose  weight the actions of amethyst and moonstones act on your state psychological through their properties recognized anti-stress, as well as on your digestive system detoxifying your body 

Be completely fulfilled, thanks to a totally peaceful mind in a healthy body 

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