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Aromatherapy Pendant by Barmali

💎 100% natural stones


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Back pain, overweight, insomnia, stress? So many problems that weigh on your morale

And if the solution lay in the smells of essential oils? 

Fruit the numerous studies, aromatherapy will ease your ailments the heaviest simply thanks to the effects of the delicious aromas on your cognitive and nervous system. 


Depending on the felt you choose, our aromatherapy pendant is designed to help relieve

  • THE joint pain & back pain thanks To peppermint oil,
  • will be able improve the quality of your sleep  thanks to lavender oil
  • or even accompany you in your weightloss  thanks to the oil of X



Imagine yourself, the pendant around your neck, you breathe deeply the soothing aromas, feeling the tension in your back gradually release, you feel more relaxed, calmer, you fall asleep more easily and you feel supported in your weight loss. 

Don't let insomnia and joint pains, being overweight ruin your life anymore.

Order your aromatherapy pendant now and feel the difference in your body and mind.

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