Who are we ?


Finding its origins in the Nile, the history of Barmali is not a long, quiet river.


Susciating at the dawn of its existence reactions as cold as the rocks that shaped its fame, the adventure of this traveler duo finally knew resurrect this millennium practice: lithotherapy.

From Parisian pavers to the sand of the pyramids, the Barmali experience is a go-simple release that sounds the beginning of a metamorphosis without return. 


This need for constant innovation has always, to date, been the pride of the creators of the brand: to succeed in a marriage that all opposes. Barmali is the alliance of the delicateness of the jewellers “to the french”, to the undeniable brutality of the millennium rock. 


Barmali translates through belief in such an empirical and antiomic interaction: the softness of stones in the face of the hardness of life.